Our History

Founded in 1989, The Holmes Organisation of Florida, Inc. has a rich tradition of partnering with businesses and individuals. Growing along with Jacksonville has given us a unique perspective on the needs of developing businesses, from the initial start-up through development and expansion. Our firm has the resources and expertise to help our clients identify potential risks and manage those exposures with innovative solutions.

Our Leadership

Brad Arrowsmith, CPCU, CIC

Phone: 904.575.4548
Email: barrowsmith@holmesorg.com

Lea McKinney, CISR, CRIS
Operations Manager

Phone: 904.575.4542
Email: lmckinney@holmesorg.com

Ty Caviness, CIC
Business Development Manager

Phone: 904.575.4543
Email: tcaviness@holmesorg.com

Account Directors

Chris Bagley
Commercial Lines

Phone: 904.575.4559
Email: cbagley@holmesorg.com

Conor Riley
Commercial Lines

Phone: 904.575.4540
Email: criley@holmesorg.com

David Milton, CIC
Commercial Lines

Phone: 904.575.4547
Email: dmilton@holmesorg.com

Jeff McDonnell Commercial Lines

Jeff McDonnell
Commercial Lines

Phone: 904.575.4541
Email: jmcdonnell@holmesorg.com

Baha Erol
Commercial Lines

Phone: 904.575.4549
Email: berol@holmesorg.com

Stacy Derr
Private Client Group

Phone: 904.575.4561
Email: sderr@holmesorg.com

Caro Ainsworth
Employee Benefits

Phone: 904.575.4545
Email: cainsworth@holmesorg.com

Core Values

Focus on the Customer.

Our clients are our business and their experience is our most important work product. View everything you do through this lens — their perception is reality. We honor this principle by living our core values.

Do the Right Thing, Always.

Do what is right for the customer and the company, and honor your commitments, every time. Trust your gut — if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

Deliver Your Best Work.

Make quality personal, and own your piece of the business. Always take pride in the work product that you provide. Set realistic expectations, and strive to over-deliver.

Create an Exceptional Experience.

Customer satisfaction is everyone’s job. Always go the extra mile to deliver remarkable customer service — when you solve problems and deliver excellence, you make an intangible product tangible. You are what keeps them coming back.

Foster a Healthy Team Environment.

Go out of your way to support your colleagues, and approach all relationships with humility. Expect to learn from each other, and don’t allow egos to impact your relationships.

Communicate to be Understood.

Speak honestly and directly, and find ways to listen generously. Create a tone of friendliness and warmth, and always say “thank you.” Communicate in a personal and efficient way — don’t email when a human voice or face-to-face interaction is more appropriate.

Strive for Continued Improvement.

Look ahead, anticipate, and be relentless about improvement and innovation. Just because we’ve always done it that way doesn’t mean we shouldn’t change how we do it.

Bring a Positive Attitude.

Keep an open and optimistic mind and assume the best about people and your situation. Your attitude is contagious. Use it to make a positive impact on others.

Learn from Every Experience.

Mistakes happen; if you make a mistake, own it and fix it. Tackle all problems early and head-on, because no problem gets better with time. The only mistake that won’t be tolerated is a dishonest one.

Build Strong Relationships at
Every Level.

We owe it to our clients and the carriers we represent to give full effort and focus, every day. Never take for granted the trust that others place in us – it is something we must continue to earn each day.

Maximize Potential.

Take advantage of opportunities and resources provided to further develop your professional and personal self and to make a positive impact on the community.

Work Hard, Celebrate Success.

Don’t be afraid of competition or a challenge – tackle it head-on and expect success. When you deliver results, have fun and celebrate a job well done.